Asya Malbershtein

The label Asya Malbershtein is no status symbol. It is no proof of your fashion sense, and you won’t find it in everyone’s closet. Instead, Asya Malbershtein is a fusion of art and rationality, an artistic object and a utilitarian item at the same time. Asya Malberstein designs are for people who value their style, quality and comfort.

The brand was established in 2008 by Asya, who has a degree in architecture and design and already had experience in the field. She was soon joined by Maria Slinkova, who takes care of management and the development of the brand’s own manufacture. Today, Asya Malberstein is a cohesive team of professionals: designer, constructors, shapers and sewers.


Direction & Post Production: MOO&AR
Soundtrack: Rejoicer & Hectik - Fake Marimba