walk of shame

Selling at top retailers in London, Tokyo and Seoul, Walk of Shame is one of Moscow fashion's international success stories.

Andrey Artyomov created the brand in 2010, when he was a mere 27 years old. He is a former editor of L’Officiel Russia and costume designer by education. Walk of Shame is representative of a new type of Russian fashion label — small, independent and homegrown. It’s one of several brands to have grown out of the capital’s fashion scene, which has undergone dramatic changes in the last few years.

The avant-garde style of Walk of Shame speaks for itself. It is inspired by the girl who lives for the night and ends up hobbling home on a broken heel the morning after, still wearing last night's outfit and make-up. A bit the worse for wear, maybe, but totally unabashed and completely glamouros.

For Artyomov, Walk of Shame is a universal story about “Bruises on knees, yesterday’s hair and yesterday’s make-up. It’s about fun and its consequences told in the language of irresistibly seductive design.”

Direction & Post Production: MOO&AR
Soundtrack: Rejoicer - FST/SLW (Raw Tapes Records)