I-N-MAGAZINE is a net-based international showcase for fashion and style from Russia and Ukraine. After years of deep freeze, there is a tremendous burst of creativity in the Black Sea region. Countless young designers, stylists, and models show their immense talent on the international stage and find increasing support from journalists and bloggers. I-N-MAGAZINE sees itself as an integral part of this process and hopes to assist in establishing contemporary Russian fashion all over the world.


Russian history is also a history of fashion. The rich cultural heritage has incredible sources to offer. Inspiration lies in artisan traditions like sheepskin coats, bast shoes, felt boots or sarafans, Orenburg downy shawls and Byzantine Jewelry, as well as in Slavic folklore, military uniforms and other garments from Tsarist to Bolshevik times to Gorbachev’s Perestroika, or in art movements like the Ballets Russes, Constructivism or Suprematism, to name but a few.